White Fillings

White Fillings

A dental filling is a method of restoring damaged teeth back to their normal function and form. Before deciding what filling best suits you, your dentist would consider several factors such as the extent of the repair, location of the filling, etc.

What are white fillings?

Tooth-colored/ white fillings are an excellent choice for patients who require small to mid-sized fillings. This can easily withstand pressure from constant stress and chewing. White fillings can offer great durability and can be used either in front or back teeth. Patients who are looking for a more natural type of dental fillings can choose white/tooth-colored fillings.

What is the process of placing a dental filling?

Before placing the filling, the dentist would at first, clean the cavity to remove any plaque, tartar or decay and then dry it off. In order to facilitate the bonding. the surface of the tooth is etched and coated with a gel or bonding solution. Once ready, the dentist would place the white filling material into the tooth cavity and then mold it so that it matches the shape and size of the surrounding teeth. The filling would then be hardened by hovering a curing light above it and then polished to make it look like a natural part of your teeth.

What are tooth-colored/white fillings made of?

Tooth-colored or white fillings are made of glass particles, synthetic resin, and setting ingredient. 

What are the benefits of white fillings?

The benefits of white fillings are:

  • They can restore old teeth cavities caused by decay, chipped, broken and worn teeth
  • Treatment and preparation would require less time
  • The dental filling procedure can be combined with other dental treatment such as inlays, crowns, and bridges

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